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kendall + alex

In which there is standing on tables and yelling. And Kendall looking like a kicked puppy.

But no singing.

It was a crudely drawn map, Kendall realized, but he still set off from his current location with it in hand. He wasn't familiar with this country in the least. There had been books about the other countries in the world; they were filled with intricate details about how each of the larger cities worked. However, they didn't direct people to certain locations, and although certain descriptions of buildings jumped out at him, it wasn't enough to offer him complete familiarity.

Maybe he should have asked her to come to him.

Still, he trotted through the city carefully, and after what seemed to be a while--it was as quickly as he could manage, but he already felt guilty for it being a little later than he initially thought it would be--he ended up at the place where she was staying. It was a public location, and he just hoped she would be waiting for him where he could see her. Kendall hadn't thought to ask for her room.

Alex was waiting where he could see her, though it occurred to her as she crossed her arms and leaned against the wall that she didn't have a clue what he looked like and she hadn't given him much to go on, either.

Then again, she had a feeling that if she just waited for the first guy to walk in the door who looked too excited for his own good about something, maybe that would do it.

It had occurred to him, as well, that he had no idea what she looked like. Therefore, Kendall went up to the first woman he saw--who, coincidentally, was not Alex--with a wide smile and asked, "Is your name Alexandra?" His words were accented differently from everyone else's in the room, so a few people looked at him in reaction to the words that fell from his lips. It was obvious that he was the odd one out. When the woman shook her head in a clear declaration of no, he stumbled back and looked thoughtfully around the room.

There was one way to figure out where she was, if she was here. And if she wasn't here, she might hear him from where she was. In a swift, somewhat awkward movement--Kendall had never been particularly athletic--he stood on one of the tables, wobbled for a moment, and declared, "Is there an Alexandra in here?"

He didn't. He didn't.

...he did.

Alex covered her eyes with one hand. She had a feeling this was going to bring on the worst headache of her life. "Yes. Get off the table."

It wasn't like he would come to this establishment again. There were too many unhappy people. Kendall moved to jump off the table, only his foot caught for a moment and he ended up landing almost right on his face. There was a pause from all the occupants of the inn before one man started laughing, and everyone followed. Kendall stood up quickly, turned, and bowed. At least he wore his embarrassment proudly.

He ran a hand back over his hair before he moved to the location where Alex was sitting. She was beautiful, all right, but there was a certain unamused appearance about her that disconcerted him to some degree. "You'll be a lot of work. I can tell already."

She raised one eyebrow. "Should I consider that an insult or a compliment?"

Kendall raised his arms to cross them over his chest. There was a part of him that thought that maybe they shouldn't be having this conversation out in the open. It was a fairly private matter, wasn't it? His lips twitched uneasily before he answered, quite honestly: "I don't think you'd see it as a compliment." His feet shuffled for a moment anxiously. "But I don't consider it an insult! I just ... you seem so unhappy." Kendall looked crestfallen with the words.

"Had it occurred to you that I might have good reasons to be?"

There wasn't really any sting in her tone, and she hadn't intended for there to be. As far as she was concerned, it was an honest question.

The lack of sting made this a little easier for Kendall. Honestly, he expected her to be scarier than she was at the moment. He hoped that would't change given his next answer. "Then I'll just have to give you reasons!" he said, his tone honest. Everyone needed something to be happy about.

She didn't really have much to say to that (good luck was on the tip of her tongue, but she didn't want him to take it seriously or something). The look on her face clearly said what she thought of his chances, however.

This wasn't going as well as he initially expected. Kendall thought there would be some grand welcome and immediate time of her seeing the light--but he believed that those ideals had something to do with staring at the inside of his room on the boat for too long. It was clear that she wasn't particularly impressed with him. Kendall raised a hand and rubbed at the back of his neck.

"I ... ah, thought we could leave in the morning?" he said, after a little more awkward silence. "I could stay here tonight and we could leave tomorrow!"

"That's fine."

She really didn't get how anyone could be so ridiculously earnest. He had to have at least five years on her -- maybe ten? How the hell did anyone manage to keep such a rainbows and sunshine attitude for that long?

Not that it mattered. A week of putting up with this (unless the winds were bad on the trip to Silesia, but hopefully for her sanity, they wouldn't be), a day of letting him show her around Sailane, and she was home free.

"I'll go get my room, then." Kendall didn't want to be a further bother to her. He gave her a final--slightly forced--smile, before turning toward who seemed to the owner of the inn to ask for a room. This hadn't gone very well at all. His words about love and beauty seemed a lot more forceful in text, but Kendall had always been better about that. He was also terrible about extremes in emotion, and his failure in this situation was already starting to overwhelm him.


Heritage (or Legacy) is an original character roleplay inspired by the Fire Emblem games and specifically set in the world of the fourth installment of the series. This is the second generation of the game; you can find the first generation archived here.

You don't need any canon knowledge, nor do you need to have been in the first generation to play! If you're interested, please visit the wiki for more information!
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