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Riva is running away from home, and does some thinking.

Be it ever so humbleCollapse )

Aidan/Valerie: To Seek A King

Valerie lets Aidan know who she really is, and that she knows who he really is.

Happens a few hours after the previous log.

Make me earn your respect, and don't just give it because of who I am.Collapse )

Aidan/Valerie: lolwhut

Aidan meets a pretty girl and fails at life.

Sigh, Hoseph Jr.

Fucking smooth there, kid. Real fucking smooth.Collapse )

Altair + Gareth

Here's a story: Cass has a penchant for falling from heights. She fell off a balcony when she first met Gareth and she fell off a roof when she first met Altair. Except Altair served as a pillow to break her fall actually ran to catch her. And caused an impression. And Gareth? Gareth is a moron.


Well then, what the fuck am I supposed to do? Hurl you at her so you get to play hero instead?Collapse )

kendall + alex

In which there is standing on tables and yelling. And Kendall looking like a kicked puppy.

But no singing.

Get off the table.Collapse )

Caden and Kyle.


Kyle gets himself in trouble. Caden comes to the rescue. I believe this is fairly important to the twelve's plot, though Neon can tell me to take off this note if she'd like.

There was a light, blindingly fast, like lightning when it's storming. Collapse )



Heritage (or Legacy) is an original character roleplay inspired by the Fire Emblem games and specifically set in the world of the fourth installment of the series. This is the second generation of the game; you can find the first generation archived here.

You don't need any canon knowledge, nor do you need to have been in the first generation to play! If you're interested, please visit the wiki for more information!
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